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Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Venue Tips

A wedding is something that is a dream come true for many people, a lot of things come together to make a wedding wonderful and memorable, from the decor to the dressing and other things. The venue is a key part of making a wedding successful and choosing the right one is a step towards achieving your dreams. Choosing a venue doesn’t come easy as there are many options to choose from and all are good. Here are tips to guide you into choosing your perfect wedding venue

Visualise On What You Want

This is thinking about how you want your wedding to be and making a decision, this means that you will have to think of how you would want the venue to be and how you want it to look like. This would give you a rough template on what to look for, it may be a beach, a garden, a good restaurant or an elegant ballroom. First step to choosing a venue is to knowing what would satisfy your dreams and it will be great when it is actualised.

Talk To A Planner

After you have visualised and decided what you would like to have as a wedding venue, look for a planner. A planner is a professional who knows and are familiar on good venues and where they are located, they know the best venues that offer value for money and can give you referrals. A planner will give you advice on capabilities of space, time, items needed to actualise your vision and the layout. They are the go to guys to actualise what you have in your mind and they put in the work to make it a reality. If there’s a way to make the venue unique or tricks to pull out an amazing yet hard idea then your planner has the knowledge.

Know Your Budget

When choosing a venue, check on your budget and the cost that go along with the venue, a venue might have extra costs other than renting a facility, like a restaurant may charge for food per plate as they offer on site catering facilities. Decor and floral design will also add to the cost of the venue. You should calculate all costs relating to the venue and sum it all up, if it blows up your budget then you will need to compromise on either scaling back on the design or looking for a cheaper venue that will be favourable to your budget. It is advisable that you prioritise your budget to cater for a facility that will actualise your dream.

Consider Your Guest List

You should consider the size of your guest list so that it can complement the venue. A large guest list will require a lot of space and thus a big venue will be required. Some venues are not suitable for large number of people and some venues have caps on the maximum number of people allowed on the facility. When choosing a venue you should come to a compromise where you are able to feature the size of guests you want and the capacity a venue can hold. You should think hard and make critical decisions to come to a final conclusion.

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