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Is A Licensed Wedding Venue Necessary?

If you are planning your wedding, you will come across licensed wedding venues. This might lead to you questioning whether a licensed wedding venue is necessary. Before you plan any further, you need to know the answer to this question.

Are Licensed Wedding Venues Necessary?

If you are planning a civil ceremony, a licensed wedding venue is necessary. The only times this is not necessary with a civil ceremony is when it takes place at the registrar’s office. If you are looking at a religious ceremony, you need to work with a venue that is allowed to hold these ceremonies.

If you are thinking of getting married in England and Wales, it is the place and not the person that is licensed for marriage. This is why a licensed venue is necessary. You cannot legally get married in a venue that does not have to proper license.

What About Outdoor Venues?

If you are considering an outdoor wedding, a license will still be required. Many venues will have licensed areas within their grounds which meet the requirements for the license. This includes a permanent structure where the vows are to be said.

These permanent structures are the licensed area and include wooden gazeboes. It is important to note that you cannot legally get married in an open area that does not have a permanent structure. This is due to a licensing requirement which states that the venue must have a roof and permanent structure.

Getting Married At Home

If you want to hold your wedding at your house, you will need to get a license. This will be a temporary license for a civil ceremony. It is important that you contact the registrar of your council district before you plan this.

Some councils will have additional rules for temporary licenses. There are also requirements that your home will need to meet in order to be eligible for the license. These requirements can be provided by the registrar before you apply.

What About Scotland?

If you are planning your wedding in Scotland, the rules are slightly different. Religious and humanist ceremonies can take place anywhere as long as the officiant agrees to this. This means that you can have your wedding on the beach or by the loch.

When it comes to a civil ceremony, you will need to have a licensed venue. You are also able to apply for a temporary license for a venue such as a private residence. However, the regulations regarding this will differ to England and Scotland. You will need to contact the local authority for more information regarding this.

Civil Ceremony In A Religious Building

It is important to note that you cannot hold a civil ceremony in a religious building or and lesser church buildings. This is due to the fact that civil ceremonies are devoid of religious connotations. You will also be unable to get a license for these buildings.

If you want to have a civil ceremony outside of the registrar’s office, you will need to have a wedding venue license. This is necessary across the UK, but the rules might differ in Scotland compared to England and Wales.

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